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Are you a quality, attractive, and relationship-minded single gay man not looking to hire a matchmaker for active searching but interested in meeting someone special? If you appreciate successful, relationship-minded gay men but never meet them because they’re too busy, and if you’re ready to make a meaningful connection with a great gay guy, then join our exclusive database and see what possibilities await you. After the date, we give you feedback to help improve your odds at achieving more fulfillment in your dating life.  We are always in your corner and here to listen to your preferences and offer you our expertise based on facts and intuition.

1) This is a FREE resource.

You will be  listed privately within our database and be considered to meet a Client. So relax, submit the application and we will be in touch soon!  If you are a good potential match for a client, you will be contacted by a personal matchmaker to schedule a face-to-face interview prior to meeting with a Client.

2) No guaranteed dates, but no senseless dates to go on either.

We value your time, privacy and preferences so we do not guarantee dates even after meeting with you because we do not have any quotas to fulfill with ours Clients and do not want to waste your time going on senseless dates with our Clients when it is not mutual or not a match.  Please be patient as this process is quality over quantity.  We’ve been known to contact our eligible applicants immediately for a date or months or even a year, plus down the line.

3) Date Set Ups and Date Feedback

If we have a Client who is a match for you and who is seeking someone like you, we will email you brief profiles and once you and your potential date approves the match, we set up the date for you through our GMC Concierge Service. After the date, we will send you a date feedback form and ask that you give us some insight into your date and also helps us to learn more about your preferences as we may just have the perfect next gay Client in the que for you!


Do you charge for the initial consultation/interview?
No. It is complimentary and no cost to you. You are under no obligation to join, but the initial consultation is fun and informative and you will usually learn something about yourself and about dating.  
How Does the Service Work?
You fill out an application/profile, we meet face-to-face, and we get to know each other. The profile is about you and what you are looking for in someone special. We will then recruit, interview and hand-select on your behalf potential matches based on what you’re looking for in a match. We’ll contact you with profile summary and photo of the potential match. After you approve of the match, we plan the date and time of where you will meet. After your date, we will contact both parties for feedback. Hopefully it will be great news!  Don’t worry, if there is room for improvement, your personal matchmaker will offer an objective perspective and encourage you to stay the course to reach your personal dating goals.
How do Clients get matched up?
It’s a careful, thoughtful process because our goal is to find someone who’s not just a time filler for you, but a great match for you. We want to bring you together for friendship and love and that means we want you to connect on all levels: goals, values, passions, and compatibility. Because we recruit for you and meet people all the time, it’s a very calculated process.
Do I get to see pictures of the potential matches?
Yes, we know that guys are visual based on our experience and expertise working with single gay men.  We know that there has to be a spark and that chemistry is key.  You and your matchmaker will discuss what you find physically attractive in a partner and and we will keep that in mind when finding your match.  We will show you pictures of potential matches and only show you the pictures that we verify are representative of the person so guys cannot sneak in out dated photos.  We encourage you to keep in mind that we are here to find someone compatible with your goals, values, and passions and not let looks be your only deciding factor.  Most importantly, your personal matchmaker will let you know if the potential match looks better in person.
Why should I choose Gay Matchmaking Club over another service?
We know that there are many other options out there, but at Gay Matchmaking Club we believe that we have a distinct advantage because we only focus on gay men and that allows us to work closely and personally with every client to make sure the right connection is made.  We specialize in serving gay single men and are experts in understanding their psychology and lifestyle.  Because we operate our boutique matchmaking firm like we’re friends, you can and should be honest with us about your needs, wants, and feedback. We will work closely together and help you navigate through all of it.  
Do you meet everyone in person including potential matches?
Yes.  We are selective about who spend time with and we receive submissions from new gay singles daily but only meet with those whose applications meet a strict criteria based on our Clients’ preferences.  But prior to making an introduction to you, we thoroughly screen the applicants to make sure they meet the criteria of being fit, emotionally and financially stable, look like the submitted photos and discuss important factors like out status, dating goals, sexual role, etc.
How many matches and guaranteed dates and over what period of time?
Our matchmaking  service is about connections between two gay men who are on the same page and compatible so we keep an eye towards quality over quantity.  But prior to inviting someone to come on board as a client, we will assess whether we have a compatible database of potential matches for you to meet and whether this will be a productive resource for you. We work with clients on a 6 month or 12 month period and the amount of dates clients go on depends on their set of preferences.  
Who does the matchmaking at your firm?
You will meet with May or Katie to talk about your personal preferences, likes, dislikes, and your story to make sure our database is a good match for you.  Another professional matchmaker (your designated point person) will also sit in on a brief consult with you when you are a Client since he will be recruiting, interviewing, matching and receiving the feedbacks from you and your dates.  We think it makes sense to have that same person you are meeting with during your consultation to do your matchmaking. This is why we use matchmakers for our consults and interviews rather than sales associates. It is that type of the personal touch that differentiates us from other services. Be cautious if you go to a dating agency and you meet a salesperson who gives you a hard sell and then hands you over to an “associate” to match you up.  
Do I have to be marriage-minded in order to hire a matchmaker?
No.  Our Clients and members are not all looking for the same dating goals but they do want to take the games and guesswork out of dating.  Every gay guy is unique and find themselves in varying emotional and relationship points in their lives so whether you are looking for a long term relationship, cohabitation, marriage or just to brush up on your dating, you will certainly benefit from our professional pre-screening to help you save time and effort.
Is there a contract?
Yes.  There is a contract for you to review and agree to the terms of the services that we have discussed.

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