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Mason Writes Article “Balanced Proactivity” for

November 6, 2019

For now until the rest of the year, I have the pleasure of being’s “Gay Relationship Expert.” Check out my third article I wrote for them this month…

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Life seems to be so much more complicated nowadays. I was recently visiting my small hometown in Georgia, and some close friends asked me about dating in a bustling city like Los Angeles. I’m not sure if it’s more of a generational or geographic factor, but planning a night out for drinks with friends seemed so much easier in my hometown than in L.A.

In L.A., plans are made weeks in advance with at least two attempts of getting together, so schedules mesh and someone doesn’t have to cancel. I was thinking about how singles can utilize certain tools to navigate dating through the turmoil of scheduling and being proactive instead of getting frustrated, throwing their hands up, and abandoning any attempt of dating.

1. Be Tactful With Your Online Dating Profile

It’s really important to be your own filter when it comes to creating a concise, straightforward, and proactive dating profile. You also want to be concise and straightforward when filtering matches.

For example, if one of the first things you mention in your profile is where you’re from, and the first question a new match asks is “Where are you from?” you know he didn’t read your profile at all. Goodbye. Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but that’s what I suggest relationship-minded singles do.

It’s also always a good idea to say directly what you’re looking for and not be that person who says “I want to date someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously.” Do you really want to date someone who doesn’t take into account how he spends his time while honoring yours? It will never end well if you’re with someone who speaks in hypothetical platitudes.

Additionally, your photos say a lot about your energy, lifestyle, and what you deem the best representation of yourself. Be selective when choosing your visual media so you give yourself a greater chance to succeed at online dating. Your choices will show relationship-minded men that you take yourself seriously and are dedicated to being proactive in dating . As a result, your profile will stand out among others that clearly have too many filtered selfies.

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