Happy New Year! Gay Male Speed Dating. Ages 25 to 40.

January 29, 2018

We had a superb kick-off to the new year with our speed dating event over at Toasted and Roasted. To break the ice, we shared our occupations/fields of interest and also a goal we had for 2018. We speed dated between 4 and 5 minutes each round – just enough time to see if there was a more platonic or romantic connection.

Here’s how things turned up…

  • We had 13 total speed daters.
  • Everyone was “liked” at least once! – 100%!
  • The person that was “liked” the most had 9 total “likes.” Two people received 7, another received 6, and 5 attendees received, 4 each.
  • For mutual matches, 11 out of 13 received at least one or more mutual matches – 85%!
  • One guy received 6 mutual matches, which was the highest recorded at the event. Three guys received 4, each. 4 other individuals received 3, each also.

Happy New Year, fellas!


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